NECSTouR is now part of the #CohesionAlliance

NECSTouR is now part of the #CohesionAlliance

Jan 03, 2018


By joining the Cohesion Alliance initiative, NECSTouR joins the coalition of those who believe that EU cohesion policy must continue to be a pillar of the EU's future and invites all its members to claiming for a stronger future cohesion policy, taking care of Tourism.

The Alliance was created through cooperation between the leading European associations of cities and regions and the European Committee of the Regions.

It demands that the EU budget after 2020 makes cohesion policy stronger, more effective, visible and available for every region in the European Union.  

NECSTouR President signed the Cohesion Alliance Declaration and joined the initiative as a partner.
Several other member regions of NECSTouR already joined the initiative as well.

Further initiatives will be developed in the framework of its working group on EU Funds for Tourism.


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