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Balancing Culture, Society and Businesses for a Sustainable Tourism: Stakeholders Engagement

Tourism can be an excellent strategy to foster social cohesion in Europe through making alive and revalorising our cultural heritage, reinforcing the sense of place while fostering economic growth and job development.

However, European the tourism destinations are currently facing several challenges related to overtourism, massification, over-folklorisation of cultural heritage, loss of authenticity. This situation is generating a feeling of rejection towards tourism by the citizens but also by the cultural and urban experts, who are warning on the challenging effects this phenomenon may cause to our territories. 

Through the Workshop "Better Places to Live, Better Places to Visit" (Barcelona, 19 April 2018), NECSTouR Working Group on Cultural Tourism made a first wake-up call to the cultural heritage and tourism sectors to break patterns and join forces to find real solutions that can contribute to the Social and Cultural Tourism Sustainability in Europe.

This webpage is aimed to continue to raise the social dialogue between the cultural and the tourism private and public stakeholders, leading experts, and citizens representatives from local to international level to develop together the draft of the Barcelona Declaration of Tourism and Cultural Heritage “Better places to live, Better places to visit” which has been presented on the 19 of April.

The whole initiative is organized under the framework of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage, and aims to pursue with NECSTouR contribution to the Agenda 2030 by tackling some of the SDGs.


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Our Journey

Interactive Workshop ‘Contribution of Tourism Promotion to Cultural Heritage’

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Interactive Workshop ‘Contribution of Tourism Promotion to Cultural Heritage’


Organised by the European Travel Commission (ETC) and supported by Europa Nostra

This interactive workshop aims to showcase the value of tourism promotion to cultural heritage and how it can be effectively used as an asset for:

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Our Best Practices

Mediterranean Hospitality Programme (Region of Valencia)

The "Mediterranean Hospitality" is a cutting-edge programme to promoting the Mediterranean hospitality as a fundamental value of the tourist proposal;It is an initiative that aims to get the message of hospitality to all the tourist destinations in the region . The "Mediterranean Hospitality Programme" has been designed, as a creativity contest for its design, a media program for its dissemination and a program of action and implementation of almost 300 events:  workshops, round tables, talks and training actions with more than 4,000 attendees in 2018.

For more information, read the infonote here below:

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