Four Regional Examples on Talent Development in Tourism presented at the 2nd UNWTO Global Conference

Four Regional Examples on Talent Development in Tourism presented at the 2nd UNWTO Global Conference

Oct 10, 2017


In order to deliver a NECSTouR big picture on the Talent Development in Tourism, NECSTouR President, Region of Catalonia - Mr Patrick Torrent - presented the experiences of Catalonia, Emilia Romagna, the Valencian Community and the Business University of Prague.

That presentation happened during the 2nd UNWTO Global Conference on "Talent Development in Tourism: strategies for Competitive Destinations", organised in Marbella (Andalusia), from the 8th to the 10th of October 2017.

Presenting the NECSTouR achievements in the framework of its Working Group on Innovation Skills and Education, Mr Torrent claimed three fundamental goals:

  • To position Europe as a quality destination for tourist and residents: Our Cultural Heritage is our added value!
  • To invest in research and innovation: Smart Destinations is the future!
  • To reinforce professionalisms in the field of Tourism and their skills: It is the Human Capital building the experience!
  • To develop the market intelligence: Knowledge is our fundamental tool!


Four examples from different members of NECSTouR has been presented at this regard:

  • Catalonia: "To arouse talent development, through innovation for the experience making"
  • Valencian Community: "To boost the talent through the market intelligence"
  • Emilia Romagna: "To develop the talent through the dual vocational education: education and practice"
  • Business University of Prague: "To develop the students' talents through direct experiences in the tourism field"


The event has been hosted by the Region of Andalusia. On her presentation, Ms Susana Ibañez Rosa, Secretary General of Tourism, underlined the importance of cooperating within NECSTouR: " Research converts money in knowledge; innovation converts knowledge in money."


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