Digital Platforms

Digital Platforms, either online travel agents or those facilitating the so-called collaborative economy, have a direct impact in the tourism sector.

Objectives 2018:

1. To Identify, analyse and propose a balanced approach of the sharing economy for the tourism industry through legislation
2. To Identify, analyse and propose how the EU could reduce the OTA’s power on Tourism SMEs through legislation


- Monitor the work of the DG GROWTH  Task Force on Collaborative Economy, mainly the Digital Single Market Package and the Single Market Strategy 
- Monitor the guidance document and upcoming Communication (June 2016) on how the existing EU legislation shall be applied to the collaborative economy
- Exchange and analyse NECSTouR good practices in managing the sharing economy phenomena in their Regions
- Involve DG COMP, main affected cities (Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, San Francisco) and HOTREC in defining the EU response needed
- Lobby the EC  in this sense to ensure competitiveness and legality, balance the level playing field, platforms for commercialization of market places and ability to create and sell experiences being competitive in price and sustainability

OBJECTIVE 2: OTAs    Strategy

- Exchange and analyse NECSTouR good practices in supporting the tourism SMEs in facing the negative impact of the OTAs in their Regions 
- Identify the possible EU response according to competence and subsidiarity principles
- Lobby DG GROWTH and DG COMP to support Regions  in that sense to 1) get a more balanced competition 2) avoid that the EC launches an EU online booking system 

Strategic Alliances:
European Commission: DG GROW, DG COMP, DG CONNECT The European Committee of Regions European Parliament: MEP Monteiro and MEP De Monte ECTAA, ETOA, HOTREC, digital platforms participating in our conference on Tourism and Collaborative Economy
NECSTouR Position:
Sharing economy: Maximize this opportunity for the sector by balancing the level playing field and making the system compatible with taxation policies. Influence legislation accordingly. OTA’s: Ensure price parity and get their power lower. Influence legi