Tourism Indicators


Sixth Partners' Meeting on MITOMED+ Project


The next MITOMED+ meeting will be hosted by the Tuscany Region on the 18th of January 2018.

Mr. Tomaso Comazzi will represent NECSTouR at this event.


Internal Notes

Registration to the EUROSTAT Training Courses on Tourism Satellite Accounts is now open


The purpose of the European Statistical Training Programme (ESTP) is to provide European statisticians the opportunity to participate in international training courses, workshops and seminars at postgraduate level. The programme is coordinated by Eurostat.

The ESTP programme 2019 includes a course on Tourism Satellite Accounts (26-29 November 2019, Luxembourg).

Participation is free of charge since the programme is financed and supported by the European Commission (Eurostat) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

Application Deadline: 01/10/2019

Key European Sustainable Tourism Event in Malaga 5-6 April 2018

While some of NECSTouR Members will present their experience in managing sustainable tourism indicators in our respective destinations and while all Members will have their say in this participative workshop full of good speakers, valuable examples and relevant content for the purpose of measuring sustainable tourism, we are pleased to share the final programme of the Key European Sustainable Touri

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTION: Support a common proposal about residents attitudes on Tourism for the forthcoming 2018 survey in cities


NECSTouR working Group on Indicators is working to a common NECSTouR proposal to DG Regio about one question about residents’ attitudes on Tourism to be included in the forthcoming 2018 survey in cities and would like to invite at this purpose your Region to provide its contribution by replying to a specific call for Contribution

Conditions to reply


Eurostat Regional Yearbook 2017: Chapter Dedicated on Tourism

Jul 26, 2018


The Eurostat regional yearbook 2017 gives a detailed picture relating to a broad range of statistical topics across the regions of the EU Member States, as well as the regions of the EFTA and candidate countries.

A specific chapter on Tourism presents statistical information in maps, tables and figures, accompanied by a description of the policy context, main findings and data sources about Tourism.

According to that report, 14 of the 20 most Touristic Regions in the EU are members of NECSTouR (7 in the top-7).



Third Project Meeting of MITOMED+ in Florence: Informed Decision Making in Sustainable Development of Tourism

Jan 22, 2018


The third project meeting of MITOMED+ Project has been held in Florence (IT), on the 18th of January 2018.

The event has been attended by NECSTouR Permanent Secretariat and representatives from the other Members involved in this project – Tuscany Region, Andalusia, Porec’s Institute of Agriculture and Tourism and the Univesity of Girona.


Subnational Measurement: NECSTouR Experience on Sustainable and Accessible Tourism at Move Conference 2017

Nov 27, 2017


The MOVE Conference 2017 has been the opportunity for NECSTouR to transmit what  its members are doing for the development of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through Tourism, sharing and influencing regional policies when it comes to implementation to SDGs.