Strategic Alliances

Internal Notes

Newly constituted UNWTO's Board of the Affiliate Members


We are pleased to enclose the list of the newly constituted Board of the Affiliate Members along with the results of the election process.   

World Leisure International Innovation Prize


The  World Leisure Organization is pleased to aanounce that the 7th edition of the World Leisure International Innovation Prize seeks to recognize organizations that have implemented creative solutions which foster local, national or international leisure opportunities for the benefit and development of individuals and communities.

6th UNWTO International Conference on Tourism Statistics: Measuring Sustainable Tourism

During the 21th and 24th of June, UNWTO organizes the 6th International Conference on Tourism Statistics with a focus on Measuring Sustainable Tourism in Manilla, The Philippines. This event gathers High Level speakers that will provide their expertise on various topics that are significantly important in managing our industry.



2017 World Tourism Day Official Celebration


“Sustainable Tourism – a Tool for Development”

27 September 2017, Doha, Qatar


NECSTouR Permanent Secretariat has been invited to join this year’s World Tourism Day (WTD) Official Celebration, to be held in Doha, Qatar (27 September 2017), under the theme “Sustainable Tourism – a Tool for Development”.


"Promoting European Sustainable Tourism for All" at the European Parliament

Jun 21, 2017


NECSTouR took the debate about the promotion of an European Sustainable Tourism for all at the European Parliament on the 20th of June though a well participated thematic public conference.

As MEP De Monte stated on her introductory remarks, the goal of this event was to animate a debate and to provide suggestions to the main European and Regional policy-makers on such an importan topic.


NECSTouR and Tuscany Region Contribution to the 2017 IYSTD presented in Rome

Jun 21, 2017


NECSTouR Secretary General from the Tuscany Region, Dr Stefano Romagnoli presented NECSTouR and Toscana Region Contribution to the 2017 IYSTD.

The occasion was the event organised on the 14th of June in Rome by Italian Ministry for Tourism and in cooperation with the UNWTO.

The title of the event was "Sustainability, Tourism and Cultural Heritage: The Italian Way"


Informative Session on how EFSI Finances Tourism Projects

Jun 19, 2017


In the framework of its working group on Structural Funds, NECSTouR gathered representatives from the The European Investment Bank, the European Commission, the European Committee of the Regions and its member Regions to discuss about Building Regional Investment Platforms across Europe.

The objective of that informative session was especially:


The Official Side Event EU Tourism for Blue Growth

Jun 09, 2017

The Official Side Event « European Union Tourism Committed to Blue Growth” was held in the framework of the Ocean Conference, on Thursday the 8th of June at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. 

The high-level United Nations Conference focussed from the 5th to the 9th of June on “Our oceans, our future: partnering for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14”, coinciding with the Oceans Day, under the leadership of the Governments of Fiji and Sweden. 


NECSTouR contribution to the ITSTD at the UNWTO Commission for Europe

Jun 09, 2017


NECSTouR participated for the first time to the UNWTO Commission for Europe in quality of UNWTO Affiliated Member.

The 61st UNWTO Commission for Europe, was held in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova on 6 June 2017. This annual statutory meeting was aimed to provide to the European Members of the UNWTO with an overview of the 2016 – 2017 achievements and the priority areas for collaboration and challenges to address for the upcoming work programme 2018 – 2019.