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Call for proposals on Centres of Vocational Excellence


Call for proposals: EACEA 33/2019

Deadline: 20/02/2020 – 17:00 (Brussels time)

Objective: The overall objective of the call is to support the establishment and development of transnational cooperation platformsof Centres of Vocational Excellence(CoVEs)to connectCentresoperating in a givenlocalcontext at European level

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HORIZON 2020: Towards a comprehensive European mountain research strategy


European mountain regions play a central role for the well-being of many highly populated European regions for instance for water and energy supply, weather regimes, recreation and tourism. European mountain regions are home to a high degree of biodiversity, including many endemic species that occur nowhere else. However, mountain regions are expected to react far more sensitively to global change than other parts of the world.

LIFE Preparatory projects


Once a year the Commission makes an inventory of specific needs regarding the development and implementation of Union environmental or climate policy and legislation that need to be addressed during the following years and identifies among them the needs that could be addressed by Preparatory projects.
Under the 2019 call, proposals may be submitted only to address the following specific needs:

Follow up of the Webinar on "Destination Europe" Call for Proposals


On the 2nd of September 2019, NECSTouR hosted a webinar for all its members interested for applying to the Call for Proposals on "Destination Europe".
During that conference, representatives from the
European Travel Commission (ETC) further explained the Call and answer to the specific questions of the attendants.

Please find hereby:

Call for proposals: Boosting sustainable tourism development and capacity of tourism SMEs through transnational cooperation and knowledge transfer


The call for proposals “Boosting sustainable tourism development and capacity of tourism SMEs through transnational cooperation and knowledge transfer (COS-TOURCOOP-2019-3-01)”  under the 2019 COSME Work Programme has now been published (Deadline: 24 October 2019).


Registration to MOOC on How to Design Smart Specialisation Strategies is now Open


Through this Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) you will have the opportunity to learn about: Smart Specialisation, Innovation Policy, Project Mapping, Structural Changes, Entrepreneurial Discovery, Local Capabilities, Regional Policy,...

Duration: 7/10/2020 - 20/12/2019
Cost: Course enrolment is for free
Participants: Practitioners, Consultants, Policy Makers, Academics, Students
Lecturers: Dominique Foray and Martin Eichler

Registration to the EUROSTAT Training Courses on Tourism Satellite Accounts is now open


The purpose of the European Statistical Training Programme (ESTP) is to provide European statisticians the opportunity to participate in international training courses, workshops and seminars at postgraduate level. The programme is coordinated by Eurostat.

The ESTP programme 2019 includes a course on Tourism Satellite Accounts (26-29 November 2019, Luxembourg).

Participation is free of charge since the programme is financed and supported by the European Commission (Eurostat) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

Application Deadline: 01/10/2019

RESponsible Island: Prize for renewables energy in Islands


Title: RESponsible Island - Prize for a renewable geographic energy island

ID Call: Prize-SC3-2019

Deadline: 26/09/2019


Call for Proposals: Apply now to develop creative transnational thematic promotional campaigns in third countries


The European Travel Commission (ETC) is seeking to co-invest into the most creative transnational thematic promotional campaigns conceived, developed and executed by a consortium of partners. This call for proposals is launched in the framework of an ad-hoc grant of the European Commission (EC) to ETC with the aims to support the promotion of thematic trans-European tourism products in third countries.


IV International Conference on Tourism Dynamcs and Trends (ICTDT2019)


The IV International Conference on Tourism Dynamics and Trends (ICTDT2019) will be held in Rome (Italy), at University of Rome Unitelma Sapienza, October 22-24 2019.


Related interest areas include, but are not limited to:

Management and Technology area: