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Call for paper MOMOWO 2018


MoMoWo Symposium 2018

International Conference | Women's Creativity since the Modern Movement (1918-2108): Toward a New Perception and Reception

Women’s Creativity since the Modern Movement - MoMoWo is a large-scale cooperation cultural project co-funded by the Creative Culture Programme of the European Union, coordinated by the Polytechnic of Turin and launched in 2014.

Call of Interest: NECSTouR Regions - pilots of the European Citizens Travel Pass initiative


The Committee of the Regions is willing to work in close cooperation with NECSTouR on the European Citizens Travel Pass proposal.
The first step is to identify NECSTouR regions willing to be part of this pilot phase.

Are you one of those regions? If yes...


Share Your Experience. To start our initiative with you, we would like to know:

Call: European Incubation Network for Cultural and Creative Industries


The main objective of the action is to support the creation, business development and scaling-up of companies in the fashion and the tourism sectors through incubators integrating creative, art and design skills from CCIs (Cultural and Creative Industries) with technology, science and other relevant expertise.

Specific objectives of the action:

Call for speakers: m-Tourism Day 2017, 10th October

The Telecom Valley – the main digital cluster in the French Riviera – is organinsing this year the 7th International m-Tourism Day, a day that displays innovative projects regarding Tourism and Digital Technology. More information about the previous edition of the m-Tourism Day are available at m-tourism-day.eu.

After covering Open Data, Sustainable, Smart, Accessible Tourism, Big Data and Collaborative Tourism, they are focusing this year on the theme of "Internet of Things for Tourism".

Call for Partners COSME 2017 from the Ministry of Tourism of Romania

Please find a call for partners for a pilot project related to the promotion and developnent of the Cultural European Routes of traditions and handicrafts listed in the UNESCO World Heritage as transnational thematic products linked to Cultural and Creative Industry.

This project is proposed for 2018 as a European Cultural Heritage Year.

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Raluca CIOTARU


Ministry of Tourism


Call for Regional Good Practices/Experiences on Hiking related products

Sep 15, 2017


How Hiking tourism related products enhance  the sustainability and competitiveness of our tourism destinations?

The Hiking Europe initiative (leaded by the region of Catalonia), aiming  to promote a transnational network of rural touristic routes structured in several hiking itineraries across Europe,  is looking for NECSTouR experiences on Hiking  tourism initiatives developed at regional level.


Call for interested regions on HIKING EUROPE

Jul 07, 2017


By the end of Sepember 2017, the  HIKING EUROPE  project (co-financed by COSME programme) aiming  to promote a transnational network of rural touristic routes structured in several hiking itineraries across Europe and gathering 8 members from 6 different EU countries: Spain (Catalonia), Italy (Emilia- Romagna), Croatia (Dubrovnik-Neretva), Ireland (Donegal), Austria and Germany,  arrives to its end.


UNWTO Call for Successful Stories for the 2017 IYSTD report, deadline 30th June 2017

Jun 12, 2017

The UNWTO is looking for successful stories to be included in the report on “Sustainable Tourism for Development, which serves as the foundation of the IY2017 and defines the current and potential contribution of tourism towards sustainable development.

NECSTouR inputs are essential to establish a more solid knowledge base through evidence and facts covering the regional perspective!

How to contribute?

Share your successful stories following the 5 priorities of the IYSTD