State of the Industry: The 2019 Report on Travel Advertising

State of the Industry: The 2019 Report on Travel Advertising

Nov 22, 2019

The digital advertising ecosystem grows increasingly complex for travel marketers. To that end, Sojern surveyed more than 600 travel marketers around the world to better understand how they’re navigating these complexities. We examine their key challenges, how they are allocating advertising budget across channels, where they are finding success, and what technologies may impact the future of marketing. As consumption of media constantly evolves—be it playing with virtual reality, watching streaming videos, or asking Alexa for trip recommendations—marketers are presented with new challenges to master, including a number of new advertising platforms, channels, formats, and measurement tools. This report will help travel marketers better benchmark their own budget and advertising decisions, giving them insight into what others in the industry are doing across regions, verticals, and size of advertising budgets.

In Sojern’s 2019 Report on Travel Advertising, you will learn:

  • The biggest marketing and measurement challenges, including the tools and metrics relied on to help drive brand awareness and conversions
  • Strategies and approaches used to determine spend allocation across platforms and channels
  • Which digital media channels and formats are being used,and which are most effective, to influence travelers alongthe path to purchase
  • The future of travel advertising, and what innovations could disrupt the way marketers reach their audiences

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Sojern is built on more than a decade of expertise analyzing the complete traveler path to purchase. The company drives travelers from dream to destination by activating multi-channel branding and performance solutions on the Sojern Traveler Platform for more than 8,500 customers around the globe.

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