World Travel & Tourism Council Report 2019: "Travel and Tourism, Generating Jobs for Youth"

Feb 28, 2019



• Travel & Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors across the world, providing opportunities for skilled and unskilled labour as well as for other groups who may have difficulty in finding employment.

• In many countries, youth employment (15-24) in Travel & Tourism is significantly higher than for the overall economy.

• Canada is a leader in Travel & Tourism’s youth employment, with youth making up one third of all Travel & Tourism jobs, but only just over one in eight of all jobs in the economy.

Research for TRAN Committee - Overtourism: Impact and possible policy responses

Jan 29, 2019



This study addresses the complex phenomenon of overtourism in the EU. By focusing on a set of case studies, the study reports on overtourism indicators, discusses management approaches implemented within different destinations and assesses policy responses. It concludes that a common set of indicators cannot be defined because of the complex causes and effects of overtourism. Avoiding overtourism requires custom-made policies in cooperation between destinations' stakeholders and policymakers.


Global survey on the perception of residents towards city tourism: impact and measures (Executive Summary)

Jan 29, 2019



A global survey conducted by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and IPSOS shows a positive picture of local residents’ perceptions towards urban tourism. Looking at 15 countries worldwide, the research also identified what residents consider to be the best ways of managing rising numbers of tourists, highlighting differing attitudes to urban tourism among different socio-demographic groups.

Travel to Tomorrow by Visit Flanders

Jan 18, 2019


Visit Flanders and the Flanders Department of Foreign Affairs launched a co-creative thinking process, together with various tourism partners and stakeholders, about the transformative power of tourism for the visitor, the resident, the entrepreneur and the destination.

The NECSTouR Barcelona Declaration "Better Places to Live, Better Places to Visit" was an inspiring source in this ongoing process.

Analysing spatiotemporal patterns of tourism in Europe at high-resolution with conventional and big data sources

Jan 07, 2019


Available statistics on tourism from official European sources are limited in terms of both the spatial and temporal resolutions, curbing potential analyses and applications relevant for tourism management and policy. In this study, we produced a novel, complete and consistent dataset describing tourist density at high spatial resolution with monthly breakdown for the whole of the European Union.