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Free Your Mind conference in the Netherlands!

May 05, 2017

On the 3rd of May, over 30 tourism practitioners and experts met at the Free Your Mind conference, the closing of the Spirit Youth project. Held at the beautiful Abbey Rolduc in the Netherlands, the conference offered the chance to discuss the sustainability of the results of the project, the European market for youth spiritual tourism market and how the project can help others gain access to the market, and allowed users to try spiritual activities for themselves within the walls of the Abbey.


VisitScotland inspired by NECSTouR to promote Social Tourism

Apr 28, 2017


Lee Mc Ronald from Visit Scotland participated to the 3rd International Congress on Ethics and Tourism, organised on the 27-28 April in Krakow by the UNWTO.

He presented some examples of projects promoting social tourism in Scotland, enhancing Inclusion and Sustainability through Shared Responsibility, as examples of tourism for all.

"I mentioned - he said - that we have been inspired in our work by engagement with partners such as NECSTouR!"


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The Experience of South Limburg at the Conference on EU-China 2018 Year of Tourism

Apr 27, 2017


My name is Harry Trimbos. As Manager European Projects at the Tourist Board of South-Limburg, the Netherlands, I had the privilige to give a presentation on NECSTouR at the Conference on EU-China 2018 Year of Tourism that took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, on the 27th and 28th of April 2017. I was able to convey the clear message that not only is NECSTouR more that prepared to join the Joint Promotion Platform for the ECYT but essential in coördinating the communication and promotional efforts between the regions as to the ECYT.


Patrick Torrent represents NECSTouR at the EICR Governing Board Meeting

Apr 27, 2017


Mr Patrick Torrent, holding the Presidency of NECSTouR, intervened on the 28th of April, during the Governing Board Meeting of the European Institute of Cultural Routes in Luxembourg.

"We presented our Working Group on Cultural Tourism to the Council of Europe - he said - and it has been a great opportunity to prepare together with our member regions the European Year on Cultural Heritage 2018"

More information about the event


Reflecting About the future of Sustainable and Responsible Tourism in Zagreb

Apr 25, 2017


The workshop “The Present and the Future of Sustainable and Responsible Tourism” 24-25 April 2017, Zagreb, was organised by the Croatian Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy under the framework of the 2017  IYSTD.

The opening session gathered messages from the UNWTO, UNEP, EC DG Grow, Croatia Ministry of Tourism and the Institute for Tourism of Zagreb.


Public consultation on a possible initiative at EU level in the field of passengers rights in multimodal transport

Apr 19, 2017


The European Commission launch a public consultation on a possible initiative at EU level in the field of passengers rights in multimodal transport. Deadline to respond is 25 May 2017.

All the information are available here: https://ec.europa.eu/transport/themes/passengers/consultations/2017-pax-rights-multimodal-transport_en



Spirit Youth - Final Conference

Mar 27, 2017

The final conference of the Spirit Youth project, called 'Free Your Mind', will take place on May 3, at the Abbey Rolduc Kerkrade in South Limburg, The Netherlands.

The outcome of the three pilot tests in Italy, Spain and The Netherlands will be presented, as well as future direction of the project and the sustainability strategy. 



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