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SPIRIT YOUTH Workshop: Marketing and commercialisation of Spiritual Tourism for young consumers

Nov 17, 2016

The SPIRIT YOUTH workshop “Marketing and commercialisation of Spiritual Tourism for young consumers” is organised by the partners of the consortium of the project, lead by NECSTouR – Network of European Regions for a Competitive and Sustainable Tourism – with the support of the Catalonia Tourism Board. The workshop will be held in Barcelona on December 1, between 16-19h.


Spirit Youth project begins pilot testing of new European Spiritual Tourism destinations next month

Nov 03, 2016

Brussels, October 31 – Spirit Youth, a project established by the Network of European Regions for Competitive and Sustainable Tourism, alongside 6 other European partners, will begin next month testing new Spiritual Tourism activities, in 3 locations. 75 European youth will travel to Prato (Italy), Montserrat (Catalonia) and South Limburg (the Netherlands) and test the activities organised by our partners, considering their feasibility as part of a European Spiritual Tourism itinerary.


What is the impact of Collaborative Economy in Europe?

Oct 11, 2016


The two documents about the impact of Collaborative Economy in four of the main the EU cities and on the situation of workers in the collaborative economy are now on-line!

NECSTouR welcomes the publication of this new impulse paper n.9 about the "Impact of Regulatory approaches to the collaborative economy in the tourism accommodation sector: Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam & Paris" and of the document from the European Parliament Think Tank on the "Situation of workers in the collaborative economy".


“Hi, I am the new intern of NECSTouR and I am here to support the implementation of its Policy”

Oct 07, 2016


I’m Gergö, from Hungary. As part of my Sustainable Tourism Management Master’s degree I will spend 6 months at the Permanent Secretariat of NECSTouR. During this time I plan to support the Organisation in European tourism policy, events, strengthen communication and most importantly attract new regions and especially from the strategical area for NECSTouR of the Central-Eastern European Countries.



The University of Malaga has joined the Network!

Oct 02, 2016


We are very pleased to confirm that the Executive Committee of NECSTouR has approved the adhesion of the University of Malaga to the Network, as an Academic Member.
Please receive a warm welcome to NECSTouR!


"The University of Malaga is new member of NECSTouR. Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration and exchange on tourism" With this tweet, the University of Malaga celebrated the adhesion to NECStouR.



Today, the new communication platform of NECSTouR is officially launched!

Sep 26, 2016

Since 2007 NECSTouR has been at the forefront of European tourism policy, lobbying to strengthen the presence of regions in the European arena.

To implement our Strategy, communication is becoming more and more important and the last month of June, NECSTouR’s Annual General Meeting approved an ambitious communication plan that is bringing now its first outcomes.

Today, the new communication platform of NECSTouR is officially launched!