South Limburg's New Year's meeting on ‘the European Year for Cultural Heritage’

South Limburg's New Year's meeting on ‘the European Year for Cultural Heritage’

Jan 18, 2018


What’s happening ...

The European Year for Cultural Heritage was the theme of tourist board ‘VVV Zuid-Limburg’ New Year's meeting on Wednesday 17 January in Valkenburg.

With this theme, the European Commission is aiming for certain goals in 2018 and so is VVV Zuid-Limburg.

Anya Niewierra - Managing Director VVV Zuid-Limburg - explained how this would be achieved to the almost 400 attendees from the political, entrepreneurial and tourist field during her New Year's speech.
Basing her arguments on the small pearls and stories that make the Zuid-Limburg region unique and working on the principle of Zuid-Limburg as the 'Source of Europe', Zuid-Limburg and surroundings are also geographically in the source of Europe.

This common denominator makes Zuid-Limburg internationally unique and not copyable, as research from 2015 already showed.
All the sub-themes of the European Year of Cultural Heritage can be highlighted under the heading 'Source of Europe'.

With this, we are also taking an important step towards obtaining Unesco World Heritage status.
VVV Zuid-Limburg has taken responsibility since 1885 to provide source information to guests - previously on paper and now digitally accessible.

To conclude the meeting, a dozen companies were put in the limelight for outstanding performance in 2017.


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