Objectives and Priorities of NECSTouR Presented to Central Denmark

Objectives and Priorities of NECSTouR Presented to Central Denmark

Mar 10, 2017


What is NECSTouR? Which are its Objectives and Priorities? Which are the main possible reasons of interest for the Region of Central-Denmark and its main stakeholders?

Mrs Cristina Nunez from the Permanent Secretariat of NECSTouR had the opportunity to reply to all this questions during a webinar organised by the Central Denmark Region.

After this presentation, Mrs Nunez had the opportunity to share with the participants of this webinar about possible added values for the participants to the webinar of collaborating with organisations outside Denmark when it concerns cultural tourism.

All the participants - around 10 representatives of the Central Denmark Region, Municipalities and enterprises - were particularly introduced to all the ongoing activities of NECSTouR in the framework of its Working Group on Cultural Tourism.

The webinar has been the occasion to enhance our cooperation with the German Region of Sachsen-Anhalt as well. Mr Wentzlaff from the Brussels' Office of this Region was indeed the other panelist of this meeting.


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