4 cases of NECSTouR's Member Regions Embracing the Digital Transformation

4 cases of NECSTouR's Member Regions Embracing the Digital Transformation

Jul 07, 2017


NECSTouR had the opportunity to present the remarkable experience of its member Regions on how to promote Competitiveness Through Sustainability and Digitalisation, developing new opportunities for the Travel and Tourism Sector.

The occasion was the Event on “The Future of Tourism in Europe” organized by the Eu Public Policy Exchange on the 4th of July in Brussels

Digitalisation and more generally Innovation – stated the co-leader of the NECSTouR Working Group on Smart Destinations – are at the center of the Sustainable Tourism Strategies of our Regions, to develop a Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Tourism at Regional level”

An example of Smart Governance which has been provided is the one of Andalusia (more details are available here).
Tourism is one of the 8 priorities of the S3 in Andalusia and thanks to this, Andalusia is:

  • using big data and data mining to interpret the satisfaction degree of tourist and analyse their consumption patterns
  • integrating new ICT systems in the enterprises which improve their management but also ther e-commercialisation and e-marketing


About Sustainability, NECSTouR provided the NEZeh Project as a good example to enhance energy efficiency in the private sector and the Malice project, as a positive initiative to face the climate change.
It is an innovative web tool application, developed by EVEA Tourisme in the Île-de-France Region:

  • It is able to provide a very precise analysis of the hotel's expenses and its environmental footprint.
  • It helps to communicate about the environmental performance to the customers, the hotel staff and the decision-makers of the country
  • It Facilitates the obtaining of European Eco-label
  • It improves the stakeholders' awareness of the impacts of climate change on the tourism industry and helps them to reduce expenses

Finally, as an example on Inlcusive Tourism, NECSTouR presented the case of the Valencian Community.
Through the European Regional Development Found, Valencia has funded INVAT·TUR.
It consists on a specialized center in charge of transferring and sharing the most updated knowledge related to tourism and trends through research and innovation initiatives.
For example, they have developed a tool to monitor the tourism markets in order to facilitate the tourism SMEs information on the trends and status of their outbound tourism market and the business opportunities they can offer to Valencian tourism companies.
Moreover, they offer financial support to use new technologies for business management, ICTs for e-commercialization and marketing and capacity building courses.



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