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NECSTouR is the Network of European Region for a Sustainable and Competitive Tourism gathering 28 Tourism Regional Authorities associated to 30 representatives of the academic and business sectors. 

Please check the profile of our members here.

During the 1st fair on Cultural Routes "Crossroads of Europe" our President,Cristina Scaletti (first from left) had the opportunity to discuss with the EU Commissioner Antonio Tajani (third from left) which publicly thanked NECSTouR in his key-note speech.


What's Sustainable and Competitive Tourism?

"Creating the right balance between the welfare of tourists, the needs of the natural and cultural environment and the development and competitiveness of destinations and businesses", Agenda for a Competitive and Sustainable tourism 2007COM(621).

What does NECSTouR do?

  1. Increase KNOWLEDGE:Collection, exchange and evaluation of good practices of sustainable and competitive tourism policies;
  2. Increase JOINT ACTIVITIES:Development of projects, facilitate partner search, dissemination of project ideas and progresses;
  3. Increase EXPERTISE:Cooperation with European and International organisations;
  4. Increase VISIBILITY:Promote the strategies and activities of the members within the network, towards stakeholders and the Institutions
  5. Ensure the LINK:Monitor, contribute and influence the European Tourism Policy developments

NECSTouR aims to develop and strengthen a coherent framework for the coordination of regional development programmes and research on sustainable and competitive tourism following the communication of  the European Commission, entitled "Agenda for European sustainable and competitive tourism" (COM (2007) 0621 - 19-10-2007).

To achieve this goal, NECSTouR will develop cooperation between the regional organisations in the network to promote the application and implementation of concerted and coordinated actions within the member regions. It will involve the European institutions to develop its strategy and aims to:

  • Implement applied research in sustainable tourism.
  • Share and promote each form of coordination of the projects already underway.
  • Exchange information and implement joint activities.
  • Use the European funds appropriately.
Unite the European regions in the preparation of the decisions, the implementation and the evaluation of the tourism policy so that they are able to guide the national government policies to promote the sustainable development tourism and encourage the competitiveness of the European supply.
More generally, the search for innovation in all its forms must be central to sustainable development and competitive strategies.