UNWTO Master Class on “Attracting Chinese Tourism to the Mediterranean Countries”

Event Address: 
Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa DE PAULE AVENUE SAN ANTON BZN9023 MALTA

The UNWTO and the Ministry for Tourism draw upon this phenomenon, and taking into account that 2018 has been designated as the European Union-China Tourism Year, have formulated this Master Class on the belief that the Mediterranean brand comprises a number of distinct attributes which should enable Mediterranean countries and destinations to develop a clear market positioning based on a set of unique selling propositions which are attractive to Chinese tourists.

Given also that Malta has assumed the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the first half of 2017, and the Ministry for Tourism of Malta will be organising a High Level Conference to discuss a wide spectrum of themes, the Ministry and UNWTO are organising this Master Class back to back with the Maltese Presidency event to stir a wide-ranging debate on Tourism, which is an important contributor to the economy.

The Master Class will bring together experts in the field of marketing, travel organisation and product development to discuss what the Mediterranean countries need to do to strengthen their potential in the Chinese market.

It will also tap into some of the success stories from the region through the sharing of best practice examples from countries which already have a foothold in China.

Cristina Nunez willrepresent NECSTouR secretariat during this event


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