Spiritual Economy in Limburg: does silence sell?

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Kasteelhoeve De Grote Hegge, Waterstraat 9, 6017 AJ Thorn


This initiative is oriented towards entrepreneurs and policy managers.


Every year many people from Randstad and the neighborhoods came to Limburg to feel and experiment something that is not so easy to get in the rest of the Netherlands: relax, nature, silence and spirituality.  Often, we reffer to that feelings with the name of "spirituality". Spiritual Tourism is a sector that shows a lot of potentials in the trade industry of Limburg. It is the main activity of 1.300 Limburg entrepreneurs. However, this is still just a small number and the majorty of entrepreneurs ignore that possibility. What is new? How to act as entreprenuer? That are the key-questions of this seminar " Spiritual Economy in Limburg: does silence sell?", organised by the Limburg Marketing Circle (MCL) on the 26th of October 2017.

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Mr Harry Trimbos from the South Limburg Tourism Board will represent the NECSTouR Executive Committee. He will present the Spirit Youth Project and the upcoming Spirit Youth Week.



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