Sixth meeting of the Working Group on Digital Innovation Hubs

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Session 1: Platforms and marketplaces – Structure and tools for digital manufacturing markets

    Presentation by EU-funded Innovation Actions and analysis of other existing platforms

Session 2: Benefits for regions through collaboration with Innovation Actions & DIHs

    Presentation on how Application Experiments or their further deployment can receive regional grants, how new Application Experiments can be funded by regions, and how regional SMEs could re-use existing marketplaces

Session 3: Collaboration of DIHs with the regions

    DIHs could be the main distributors of the various marketplaces. Participating hubs will be invited to make pledges and become supportive partners or satellite nodes, offering special dissemination conditions to the platforms / marketplaces.



Expression of interest to present at the event

If you want to contribute to the topics of the workshop, you are welcome to express us your interest via email. Please state what you would like to present and, if possible, attach already some slides. The deadline is 22 March.


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