Proclamation of the "European Natura 2000 Day"


The event will take place at 10:00 o'clock on the 15th of May 2017 in the Berlaymont building (Piazza), Brussels.

This year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Habitats Directive and of the LIFE programme. Since their adoption on 21st May 1992 these instruments have played a major role in the conservation of our unique European natural heritage. The Habitats Directive gave birth to the EU Natura 2000 Network, embracing the sites designated under the Birds Directive. Although much remains to be done, the Natura 2000 Network has already become an outstanding example of co-operation and success across the European Union

In recognition of this, Commissioner Vella, together with representatives of the European Parliament, the Council Presidency and the Committee of the Regions will proclaim the 21st of May as the “European Natura 2000 Day” at a special event in Brussels. Please find enclosed the agenda of the event

More information colleague Sylvia Barova (sylvia.barova@ec.europa.eu).