The Belt and Road China - EU Forum on Regional Promotion

Event Address: 
Avenue E. Mounier 5, 1200 Bruxelles


The Belt and Road China-EU Forum on Regional Promotion, preparatory event to the upcoming 2018 EU-China Tourism Year and major project within the framework of the 3rd Edition of the China Arts Festival in the EU, took place on the 10th July 2017 in Brussels.

NECSTouR actively participated on this event, presenting the fundamental contribution which several interested member Regions are ready to provide for the upcoming 2018 EU-China Tourism Year.


This forum was an opportunity to discuss on future prospects on EU-China Tourism collaboration and provided a unique opportunity to observe close relations between the regional promotion and the development of tourism at this level.

This initiative brang together senior figures from public authorities and private actors in the field from both Europe and China.

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